Hi, I'm Albert.

I'm a freelance digital nomad web developer from Toronto, Canada.

I specialize in Next.js and frontend development.

Creating great user experiences by creating great user interfaces is what I'm passionate about.

I'm currently located in Taipei, Taiwan.

My skills

My work



A no-code website builder for freelancers.

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A Solana based NFT marketplace for high school athlete sports cards.

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PLO Poker Training App

A React.js app turned into a WordPress plugin that helps train PLO poker players.



An MVP for a real estate analytics platform built with Next.js and Express.


Albert Kim's Portfolio website

My portfolio website built with Next.js, GSAP, and headless Ghost CMS.


Albert was the lead developer on my NextJS/Supabase full-stack project. Albert is reliable, quick, responds well to feedback and most importantly writes clear, clean code. He will explain the tradeoffs before implementing and makes good, long term decisions related to those implementation choices. He is very flexible and works well with both highly specified tasks and more open ended features. I'd happily work with Albert in the future.

Aaron L.


I worked with Albert for well over a year on a fairly large scale real estate platform. Albert was not only very professional in all his interactions with me and any partners, but was also regularly willing to go the extra mile when the project required it. He was very fairly priced, and created flexibility in his schedule when we needed to meet tight deadlines. Furthermore, Albert was very patient in his approach to not only understanding deep parts of a fairly new industry to him, but also in his approach to explaining technical aspects of the project to non-technical people.

Michael L.


Albert is an extremely communicative, skilled, and cooperative developer. He took the time to understand the requirements of our project completely, and was in constant communication to ensure that the final product met and exceeded all expectations. We'll definitely be hiring Albert again and again!

Justin D.


Albert wrote two blog posts for us, by summarizing publicly available tech talks on YouTube and turning them into a story / narrative that works for written content vs. the original video. Very happy with the result!

Lars K.



Frontend Coding

Your needs are my specialty. You need frontend code written so you don't have to, or you need more coding power for your business, or you just want a nice website. Either way, I'm one of the best frontend coders online.

Saas MVP Development

One of the most appealing business models, owning a successful Saas is as good as it gets in the business world. But creating one is no joke. If you work with me, you'll get a fully functional MVP for your Saas that's built with the best technologies and usability.

Headless CMS Websites

You have a CMS. I have Next.js. Let's make you a website. Combining CMS like WordPress, Ghost, Prisma, or others and Next.js gives you the best of both worlds with little to no downside.